Update on Editor's Choice Awards

Who has two thumbs, an online lit mag, and a job offer?? <----THIS LADY RIGHT HERE More importantly, I will be updating the website, Facebook, and Duotrope listing to reflect that, starting with Issue 2,

Wards will be awarding $50 to ONE submission in EACH of the three categories: poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction.

Yes! Hello, world. A few things have happened since our last update. To wit,

1. All grouchy Facebook comments from anti-submission fee folks were deleted. Come on, fellas. We're all friends here, or at least we're professionals. 


2. I improved my health routine, and now I no longer sleep 14+ hours per day. Woo! I have time for things! Besides napping!

3. I nabbed my dream job. As of the end of this month, I'll be working at the public library. I'll be commuting via unicorn on an expressway made of fairy laughs.

It me.

It me.

4. I'm getting out more, which means I've been tooling around the city going to local book shops, poetry slams, open mic nights, workshops, and author talks. You know, English major stuff, but in the "real world" after college! (psst: college is the real world, it's all the real world, but what is reality, really? #thatsdeep)

5. I'm writing more, which also means I'm reading more, and sending out more work. 

I'm excited to use Wards as a way of guiding other writers into literary ports.

6. My trajectory looks like this: what with my new waking hours, my better work hours, and my immersion in all things creative writing, I will soon no longer be fibbing when I use the first-person plural in referring to Wards. I do believe I know some local writers and editors who would be pleased as punch to volunteer their time on Wards, as I do. But for now, I'm confident that this is a pretty damn good one-woman literary enterprise. We don't want the lighthouse to get too crowded, after all.



Anyway, TL;DR, we have prizes now. The prizes are in addition to the nice services previously promised for all writers who submit work according to the guidelines. So, what are you waiting for? Send us your best!