Issue 01: Foster is live


Dear readers,

I hereby cut the ribbon and break a perfectly good bottle of champagne on this first issue of wards.

In this issue, we feature writers who were considered wards of the state as children in foster care. I struggled to choose a cover image for the issue, because every child is different, and every foster family is different. In the end, I chose an image that captures a child’s need to be cared for. We all have this need, regardless of our circumstances. Whether or not those needs are adequately met through the states’ programs remains a painful and urgent issue.

Person-first language places the person before his or her circumstances. When we say foster children, we label young people. Like many labels, “foster” comes with baggage and stereotypes that stick. When we put the person first by saying child in foster care, we remind everyone listening to consider the individual without prejudice, and without placing undue limitations on them. This is the spirit with which I approached Foster, and I intend to approach future issue themes in a person-first way.

Foster is a thin and yet transatlantic volume. I encourage readers to learn more about our five authors, all but one of whom has experienced life in the foster care system. Two live in the United States, where wards is based, and three hail from the United Kingdom. They have more interesting things to share than I do, so I’ll conclude my preamble and let you get to it. 

Stay in touch for upcoming issue themes. We may revisit the Foster theme in the future, based on feedback.

In love and light,
Rebecca Ogle, editor

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