Submissions for Issue 04 are open from June 1st through Sept 30th.

Issue Theme: Psych

We are interested in work concerning mental health that avoids stigma and sensationalism. We don't want Arkham Asylum (stigma) and Jeffrey Dahmer (sensationalism). Topics such as trauma, addiction, grief, stress, and diagnosed disorders all fall under the umbrella of mental health.

General guidelines:

Please include a short, 3-5 sentence, third person bio on the first page of your submission.


  • Flash fiction and short stories accepted

  • Up to 3 submissions, no more than 5,000 words total


  • Up to 5 poems, no more than 15 pages total


  • Creative nonfiction and personal essays accepted

  • Submit only one piece, no more than 10,000 words

You may submit pieces for multiple categories. The maximum number of submissions per person, per issue is five. Example: 4 poems and 1 nonfiction, or 3 fiction and 2 poems.

Simultaneous submissions are okay; previously published work is not.

All submissions that meet the guidelines will receive feedback. 

Our favorite submissions will be selected for publication in Wards. 

One author in each genre will receive a $50 prize.

Questions or concerns about submitting? Email

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